13 July 2011

.: WeLComE BAby GuRL :.

-Peace Upon To You-

11 July 2011
Welcome to you Baby Gurl
Here's your brand new start
Welcome to our special girl plus one boy *adam* hehe
Whom we love with all of our heart
For your presence in these families
Fills us all with such LOVE
Your beauty and your radiance shines
Just like an Angel from above
May you grow up happily
Whether you choose to walk or run
And may your heart never break
When you find that special one
Welcome to the wonderful world of
The colors of blue, green, and pink
I can't wait to see you cook
And wash your first dish in the sink
So welcome to you Baby Gurl
Whom we love more and no less
And may you grow up to be a superstar
Or even a princess

syaye takder namer lagi.. huk3 ~

can't wait to see & kiss you princess...
mood : sad..:(

Thank you for reading this entry :)


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